How people lived a long time ago

This week we ended off our new topic of how people lived a long time ago. Throughout these past weeks, we have learnt more about the way people lived in the past, focussing specifically on the way people lived in South Africa through the ages. We spent time looking at homes long ago, food long ago, utensils and implements used daily long ago, transport long ago, farming long ago, children long ago, medicine and home remedies long ago, communication long ago and finally stories from our past.

Today we had a show and tell of how our grandparents’ childhood looked in terms of communication, transport, clothing, what they did for fun and how they experienced their childhood.

Each learner was asked to speak to an older family member and to listen to a story about their life or an interesting event from when they were younger. This story was then shared in front of the class.

Today we truly stepped back into history as we listened to and learned about how many of our grannies and grandpas (even a few great-grannies and great-grandpas) lived and what they experienced. We learned about life in the 1950’s, televisions, the film projector and photos in the olden days, the great flood of 1968, apartheid, growing up all over the world and even living through the war. How incredibly interesting and insightful.

Many might wonder why we look back and focus on moments that have already passed… Well, by looking back it provides identity and shows us models of good and responsible behaviour as well as teaching us how to learn from the mistakes of others. History helps us understand how society can change and develop. If we don’t learn to connect with history, then the consequences for our society could be disastrous. History is no longer just a story about the past but a lesson that must be learned and understood.

I am very proud of each and every one of my little presenters today. They all spoke so well and shared so beautifully. What an amazing time to share and grow together!

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