Welcome to the Stulting Primary School website. From a humble start in 1939, Stulting Primary School has developed into a fully-fledged community school realising its vision – STRIVING FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE. This was achieved by creating a nurturing environment where everyone can develop to their fullest potential and is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of education.

At Stulting Primary School we focus on developing the core values of Respect, Love, Joy, Tolerance, Integrity, Perseverance, Honesty and Patience in our learners.

Our professional educators believe that children should maintain a balanced lifestyle. Therefore we aim to expose our learners to a variety of opportunities. It is also one of our mission statements that learners should participate in spiritual, academic, sport and cultural activities.

We invite our parents to participate and become involved in our school and to join in a partnership together with the staff to ensure that every child develops to their full potential.

With our motto Shine your Light we acknowledge our responsibility towards our Creator and give honour to our Heavenly Father for providing each person associated with the school – learners, parents, educators and principals – with their own unique talents.

We invite you to become part of our school – Stulting Primary School.

C.J. Coetzer


The Vision of Stulting Primary School

We strive for educational excellence.

 The Mission of Stulting Primary School

  • To educate from a Christian perspective without discriminating against any other religions.
  • To strive for high academic standards.
  • To introduce our learners to a variety of sport and cultural activities and to encourage achievement in these activities.
  • To educate the child as a whole by emphasizing the balance between religious, academic, cultural and sporting activities.
  • To create a safe, warm and disciplined environment where teaching and learning can take place.
  • To create opportunities for parents to participate in the education processes of their children at school.
  • To utilize the schools finances to the advantage of the school community by effective school management. 

The Slogan

Let your light shine to the advantage of others