Application for admittance to Stulting Primary School

If a learner qualifies for admittance to Stulting Primary School an Application for Admittance Form needs to be completed in full with all relevant documentation attached. A completed Application for Admittance Form does not automatically admit a learner to Stulting Primary School as all applications are placed on a waiting list.

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When a learner is admitted to and attends Stulting Primary School, the school accepts that the responsible parent / guardian will support the school in regards to:

1.)       the mission and Code of Conduct

2.)       language policy

3.)       maintenance of discipline

4.)       cultural- / sport- and or social activities

5.)       contribution towards the school fees

It is expected from a learner who is admitted and attends Stulting Primary School to:

1.)       adhere to the mission and the Code of Conduct of the school

2.)       honor the language policy of the school

3.)       contribute positively to the maintenance of discipline

4.)       take part in cultural / sport and / or social activities

Stationary requirements

Stationary requirements – Gr R – 3

Stationary requirements – Gr 4 – 7