Help Services

Remedial education: Learners, in all phases, experiencing academic problems, are identified by their educators. Remedial classes are offered, free of charge, by the school’s academic staff, for these children in the afternoon.

First Aid: Various educators are qualified in basic first aid. First Aid for cuts, bruises and minor injuries etc. are treated at the admin office. Senior learners also assist with basic first aid during breaks.

Clinical Psychology: The school uses departmental as well as private practitioners to administer annual IQ testing to our Gr. 6 learners. The same professionals are also used when the school feels a reason exists that an individual should be evaluated.


Assemblies: Assemblies are held weekly. Assemblies are formal gatherings and pupils are expected to behave with the necessary respect.

Extra-mural policy: At Stulting we believe that our pupils should actively take part in the school’s activities. For this reason we expect that our learners should take part in at least one summer and one winter sport / cultural activity.

Code of Conduct: The school has a Code of Conduct approved by all the role players within the school. Learners are expected to abide by the behaviour described therein.

Schoolbags/suitcases: Schoolbags / suitcases should complement the school uniform. Schoolbags / suitcases should be firm so as not to damage school books and other belongings. No graffiti is allowed on schoolbags / suitcases.

Cell Phones: The possession of cell phones by Stulting learners on school premises is an act of grace and only allowed under certain conditions. Cell phones  must be switched off during official school hours – breaks included. All communication during school hours, between home (parent/guardian) and learner must take place via the school office.

Birthdays: Learners are allowed to wear casual clothes to school when celebrating their birthday. Learners are congratulated during school assemblies.

Tuck Shop: The school has a well-equipped tuck-shop. It operates before school, during the two breaks, in the afternoons after school and during sport activities.

Absenteeism: Attendance registers are held daily. If a learner is absent a letter from the parent must accompany the learner on his / her return to school. If a learner is absent for 3 or more continuous days, a letter from a doctor is necessary when the learner returns to school.
Learners who are absent are responsible to catch up on work missed. Parents must please ensure that missed work is completed.

After-Care Facilities: After-care facilities are available to learners who cannot go home directly after school. This facility is on the school premises and managed as a private business. There are costs involved in this service.

Valuable items: Valuable items should not be brought to school. The school cannot take any responsibility for valuable items lost or damaged at school.

Permission slips: Permission slips  for excursions and tours must be signed by parents / guardians before any excursion / tour may be attended by a learner.

School excursions: The school undertakes class, grade, sport and / or cultural excursions from time to time. During these excursions the learners represent the school and must therefore behave accordingly.

Outdoor education: The school regularly undertake outdoor education camps / excursions for its learners.

Guests at school: Guests are welcome at school. All guests must however first report at the school office before entering the school premises.