The History of the origin of Stulting Primary School

The history of education in Humansdorp can be taken back to 1851 when Mr Jan Gerritz Bantjes was appointed as first school master (teacher) in Humansdorp on 11 September 1851. Classes took place on the farm Welbedacht of farm owner, Mr D.J. Louwrens. Tuition to 12 children was offered for six hours per day in English and Dutch.


Hereafter various private schools emerged in town. There was, however, no co-ordinated planning from the department to establish a public school here. By 1868 the church school was well developed but had to be re-founded to take advantage of a subsidy provided by the state. The Non Sectarian School in Humansdorp was then founded. The learner numbers grew but due to the annexation of the ZAR by Great Britain in 1877, many Dutch speaking children left the school for private tuition. By 1886 the numbers dwindled to such an extent that the school had to close down for a second time.

The Humansdorp Non-sectarian Public School opened in 1894. It was, however, renamed the Milner Institute (Sub A tot Std. 7) in 1898. After the declaration of the Anglo Boer War (1899), Dutch speaking learners left the school. By the time the Union of South Africa was established (1910), learner numbers had again increased to such an extent that extensions to the building had to be made. By 1914, the school was again renamed to the Humansdorp Public School.

By 1938 the increase in learner numbers could no longer be accommodated by the Humansdorp Public School. Limitation to extensions of the buildings had also been reached. The founding of a new primary school (Sub A – Std. 4) in Humansdorp was approved by the Department of Education on 18 July 1938.

The original school building was built by the contractor, Mr F.W. Smith in 14 Voortrekker Street at a cost of £4510 13s. 7d (R 9 011). The school was officially opened on 23 January 1939 with 6 teachers and 186 learners (Gr. 7 were only included in 1953).

Mr J.P Rossouw was appointed as the first principal.The first staff members were: Ms D.C. Minnaar, A.M. Masterson, G. Swart, K. Snyman, M. Smit, A.W. Zietsman and Mrs C.L. van der Colff.

Ds. StultingThe first school committee meeting was held on 28 April 1939. Rev. C.H. Stulting (1870-1946) was elected as chairman of the committee. Rev. Stulting had in those years fought very hard for the use of Afrikaans as educational medium in schools. The School Committee members were: Rev. J.D. Stulting, Dr J.G. Steyn, Mr B.A. Masterson and Mr S.W. Matthee. Mr J.P. Rossouw – Principal and scribe.

The committee decided to name the school after the chairman of the school committee, Rev. C.H. Stulting. The school would be known as Stulting Primary School.

Adjacent properties were already purchased in 1952 to make provision for various developments due to the growing number of learners. Sports grounds and tennis and netball courts were added to the school facilities over time.

The various principals who have served our school since its founding were: Mr J.P. Rossouw (1939-1959) he was followed by Mr J.J. Kritzinger (1959-1961), Mr P.R. Barnard (1962-1968), Mr G.S. Venter (1969-1986), Mr C.P. Visser (1987-2003) and  Mr C.J. Coetzer (2004-serving).

 Mnr. J.P. Rossouw

Mr. J.P. Rossouw                                                                                          

(1 January 1939 tot 31 December 1958)



Mnr. J.J. Kritzinger

Mr. J.J. Kritzinger

(1 January 1959 tot 31 December 1961)




Mnr Barnard

Mr Barnard

(April 1962 tot 31 December 1968 )




Mnr. G.S. Venter

Mr. G.S. Venter

(1 January 1969 tot June 1986)




Mnr. C.P. Visser

Mr. C.P. Visser

(1 January 1987 tot 31 June 2003)




Mnr. C.J. Coetzer

Mr. C.J. Coetzer

(3 May 2004 till present)