School Badge

School Badge: Description of the Stulting Primary School school badge

Skool Wapen BWSkool Wapen

Heraldic Description:

“In gold, a black pole with a golden torch, red flame, accompanied on the left and right with two black points pointing inwards from the badge edge, and a red badge chief accompanied by three hexagonal gold stars.” – Dr. D. Pama (Buro of Heraldry)

Badge Motto:

Lucem Profer – In Latin meaning Carry the Light! 

Meaning / symbolism of the badge:

Black pole …

The pole represents your path of life, the dreams and ideals people cherish. Also the road God already chose for you. The pole thus represents a goal-orientated life. We stay on course no matter what life brings.

Torch …

The torch represents man’s soul / life. We have to radiate the message of Christianity. We have to be the light (knowledge) in the world we live in.

Two black points …

The two points represent the unpredictable nature of life. Our life’s journey is not always uncomplicated and easy. These points represent the challenges experienced on our path of life.

Red badge chief with 3 stars …

Red represents the blood of Jesus which flowed for each of us. The stars represent the Holy trinity. The shield chief is that which each individual should strive for in their lives – the eternal life.