Student Opportunities

Leadership opportunities: Numerous opportunities exist for learners to develop their leadership skills. Class leaders are appointed weekly to give each learner the opportunity to lead. Library prefects, sport team captaincy and prefects are some of the opportunities that exist for learners to develop their leadership skills.

Prefects: The school selects prefects from the Gr. 6 learners annually. This group receives various tasks to perform at school. They also receive regular guidance by their contact educators.

School excursions: The school undertakes class, grade, sport and / or cultural excursions from time to time. During these excursions the learners represent the school and must therefore behave accordingly.

Outdoor education: The school regularly undertake outdoor education camps / excursions for its learners.

After-Care Facilities: After-care facilities are available to learners who cannot go home directly after school. This facility is on the school premises and managed as a private business. There are costs involved in this service.