Sports Achievers

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The following learners broke records at the recent inter house athletics event. Uncle Christi Meyer of C & D Rekenkundige Dienste congratulated them each with a cash prize.
They are: Esti Steenkamp, Hennie du Plessis, Logan Pfeifer, Karmen Jonck, Lyle en Lucien Lippert, Jayden Witbooi, Dempers Meyer.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Chrisna and Danelle Sterley were chosen as their club’s most hardworking senior gymnasts for 2014. They are sharing this honor.

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Timany Mostert has been chosen as her club’s best student in the blue belt category for 2014. She qualified for the 2015 EP team after earning a bronz medal at the EP trials.

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Athletes of the day

The following learners were awarded athletes of the day in various age groups:
Wilmé Janse van Vuuren, Esti Steenkamp, Timany Mostert, Bianca van Schalkwyk, Xolisa Poti, Isaiah Isaacs, Josh Robinson, Zayne Bekker, Bryan Katoo, Mariané Bruwer, Muhire Jamaar, Meché Draghoender, Talya Ferreira en Jayden Witbooi.

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Victor en Victrix Ladorum

The Victrix Ladorum of the event was Esti Steenkamp and the Victor Ladorum was Jayden Witbooi.

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